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Player Name: Endless
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Character Name: Dhaos
Series: Tales of Phantasia
Canon Point: prior to the unfortunate incident with Reisen, anime timeline
Summary/History: Everything up to the point he arrives on Aselia is consistent with canon in the Animation.
After that he’s just been kinda hanging around Aselia, keeping an eye on the tree and watching the inhabitants of the planet either try their best, not be of any particular help, or be the reason we can’t have nice things. Later the point where things become relevant to the protags will start happening, but he hasn’t reached that point yet. Dhaos has been on Aselia long enough though for the elves to be A) aware of his existence, and B) have them kind of imply to the protag party that time travel or no, his arrival point was somewhere in time out of living memory for them. Given that elves can live up to a thousand years in this canon…

One of the more noticeable features of his personality if one knows anything of his motivations whatsoever is that he is an exceedingly loyal person. It is from this sense of loyalty that the majority of his actions stem, for good and for ill. The well-being of those he cares about is far more important to him than his own personal safety, although he is not reckless as incurring injury would make it more difficult to look after those he needs to look after. The point that this is most evident is where the party fight him in the Present: as he flees that fight, he says that he cannot afford the possibility of his body being damaged. While this sounds a bit arrogant, paying attention to the specific phrasing and keeping in mind the fact that he needs to live long enough to return home with a mana seed, it's clear that it was a statement of fact from a man who just referred to himself as if he were nothing more than an important tool in saving his world. While he hasn’t gotten quite to the point of considering his own desires beyond safeguarding his people as entirely unimportant at his canon point here, this is a noted mindset that Dhaos rather leans towards.

If left to his own devices he's a very calm person with a tendency to speak very formally and generally not more than strictly necessary. Dhaos is not naturally inclined toward violence, preferring it as a last resort to solving problems diplomatically. This is evidenced in the fact that every time the option of speaking with others to solve things without bloodshed is open, he attempts to take that route. Even when not possible, he attempts to minimize the casualties as much as possible, and despises himself for the deaths he causes. Without conflict, he's actually rather gentle natured; so much so that wildlife does not fear him, and are perfectly willing to snuggle against him and perch on his shoulders.

Thing is, for all that his natural inclination is to be a rather gentle soul, he is terrifying when he decides that someone or something is in his way and cannot be removed peacefully. The phrase "Beware the nice ones" very much applies to Dhaos. Yes, he is a kind person, but if he has people to defend and/or is driven to insanity, and then backed into a corner where the best possible result in his mind requires it... Well, canon as far as the protags witness happens. It is this same kindness that makes him hate himself so deeply for the people he eventually hurts to save his world, and for failing to prevent the damage in the first place. This is evidenced in the previously mentioned point about how he refers to himself when the protagonists meet him, and in that his reaction to finding out that his planet is in grave peril that he could theoretically have prevented was to desire to stay behind and go down with the ship, so to speak.

It should also be noted that he is a massive nerd about all things about space.

Dhaos is an exceedingly powerful mage. How powerful exactly? Well, it's slightly difficult to gauge precisely given that the times he's seen in canon are times when he is running dangerously low on mana. Given that he demonstrates the ability to make a jump through time - a feat in itself impressive in that it takes so much mana to accomplish that successfully sending a single person through time would require over a dozen accomplished mages to exhaust all of their mana - after having been living solely on his magic for a decade, this is exceptionally impressive. Moreso in that he has the ability to move through space-time between planets and most likely between solar systems. In short, comparing his full reserve of mana to a normal person's is somewhat like comparing Lake Superior to a small pond.

These are his battle powers.

Other powers include the ability to create and maintain barriers around himself or other things in his vicinity, flight, telepathy, some degree of hypnosis (specifically the ability to bring out the dark desires in people so that they'll help him), a reduced need for sleep, and in extreme circumstances not needing to eat or breathe for periods of over a decade if necessary. His physical strength is also greater than of a human, as are his senses of smell, sight, and hearing. Somewhat hilariously, he gained his level of power – though not the individual skills, which he did actually practice – in the way of One Punch Man (i.e., he did perfectly normal daily training starting when he was young and ended up accidentally making himself an eldritch abomination.)

He also happens to have an inexplicable weakness to electrical magic.

Items on your character:
All he’s got are the clothes on his back.


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