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[ Character's Name ] : Dhaos
[ Character's Age ] : a few centuries old, specific age unknown
[ Series ] : Tales of Phantasia
[ Canon Point ] : post-death (OVA canon)

[ History ] :
Dhaos is a leader of one of the larger countries of the planet Derris Kharlan. Prior to the events of Tales of Phantasia, a war between two factions broke out, and despite Dhaos’ best efforts to keep the two sides from fighting his pleas fell on deaf ears. The war culminated in the use of a very powerful MagiTech weapon that drained the world of mana and killed the Great Kharlan Tree that was keeping the world alive. Upon discovering this, Dhaos took it upon himself to save his people and home world by gaining a new Mana Seed to replace the tree that had bitten the dust. The welfare of his people and planet are what he cares about above all else, and if push comes to shove he will invariably choose his people over the population of any other planet. Yes, that means if he thinks starting wars and brainwashing ninja becomes a necessary part of saving his world, then he’s going to do exactly that.
To the people of Aselia, Dhaos is the monstrous Demon King; a villainous sorcerer of immense power that wants nothing more than to rain death and destruction upon the world with his army of monsters. The general assumption is that he wishes to rule the world, the same as any stereotypical villain that isn’t out to utterly destroy it instead. In truth, he has about as much interest in taking over the world as the average high schooler has in doing their math homework (which is to say, none whatsoever.) This goes undiscovered by anyone until a band of heroes intent on saving the world have run him through with a broadsword and he uses his last moments to inform them of his motives.
[ Personality ] :
Under most circumstances Dhaos is a caring soul who would much prefer to solve problems with words rather than violence, his tendency to be a bit on the taciturn side non-withstanding. (Dhaos has a total of thirty-five lines in the game.) He is completely dedicated to his people and would do anything to protect them. This is a bit of a double-edged sword, for in the case of a dire enough threat he can become cold and completely merciless toward those who stand between him and the safety of his people. He can also be a bit on the arrogant side at times, though this is likely partially due to his upbringing (it’s implied that he actually is royalty of some form and it’s not just his moniker), and partially to do with the fact that he has the power to back it up. You don’t earn the distinction of final boss (and That One Boss on for being a slouch after all. He also has issues with dealing with rage when people manage to get him very angry.
There’s almost no information on how Dhaos acts when he’s not set as the antagonist. As stated earlier, the only information that’s really given is that he’s the benevolent sort. Thus going off of information provided from the prequel Tales of Symphonia, I’ve concluded that he is likely a little bit awkward when dealing with emotions as the first generation of his particularly long-lived species had their emotions taken away for good deal of time and the only one who could’ve done anything to help the transition into having emotions again was… decidedly unqualified for the job, resulting in a planet-wide case of emotional issues being improperly handled and perpetuating down generations. Furthermore, evidence suggests that Dhaos is some sort of royalty, in which case he was likely kept relatively isolated for most of his younger years, further causing issues with dealing with his emotions. Thus I believe that when talking to people he is very polite, but rather awkward with extended conversation not related to business, and terribly awkward when dealing with the emotions of others. Despite this awkwardness, he does generally make an attempt at helping when others are feeling down. He also seems to be the sort of person who puts all his effort into accomplishing one main goal at a time, almost to the exclusion of anything else, and is thus a prime candidate for ending up overdoing things. Leaving him in a small dark space is a bad idea as he was magically sealed in a sarcophagus for an indeterminate amount of time (though it had to have been at least a decade), and dialogue in the game heavily suggests that he was at least partially conscious the entire time, making it quite remarkable that he’s retained enough sanity to function. Further compounding his issues is the fact that his self-worth is tied directly to how well he’s serving his people. Given that as far as he’s aware, his death (and thus failure of his mission) has doomed his entire home planet, he’s going to be in a very dark place when he enters Vatheon…
[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] :
Physically, he’s quite formidable. Only natural really, since he’s the final boss of the game he originates in. His specialty is magic, but he’s a decent physical fighter as well. Even without the spell up that prevents all but powerful magical attacks from damaging him, he can take a lot of hits. Nevertheless, he is still a far cry from invincible. Full battle tactics listed here:
Mentally, he’s a bit of a train wreck. This is covered in the personality section.
[ Other Important Facts ] :
This guy is pretty darn tall by most standards, standing at about six-foot seven.

[ Sample ] :
He could feel it; even from deep within his castle he could feel that horrible weapon – the Mana Cannon – misfire, and the massive drain on the world’s mana. Those fools! He’d warned them that infernal contraption would bring nothing but destruction and despair long ago, and yet they had still ignored him!
…Regardless, now was not the time for dwelling on that. Prevention hadn’t worked, so now was the time for damage control. Dhaos took a deep breath to calm himself, then set off in a south-easterly direction. Yggdrasil could perhaps be saved yet.
When he arrived at his destination, Dhaos found he was not the first: a group of three was already there. A blond girl – a Cleric if he were to judge by her healer’s garb – was attempting to use her divine magic to repair the damage done to the World Tree, and it seemed that the spirit of Yggdrasil had set up a barrier in an instinctual effort to keep herself and the little healer from further harm. Not the best course of action, for he could see that to heal the tree it would take more energy than the girl alone had, even were the life to be extracted from her very bones. Still, her companions didn’t seem to be able to help, so it was time he stepped in.
Breaching the barrier was a simple task, though he was fairly certain this was because the tree could sense his motives were merely to assist it. He paused for a moment as one of the girl’s companions – the swordsman, though he still looked more a boy than a man – started yelling something about Dhaos being a coward; to face him instead of harming “Mint.” A strange and very human sentiment, that thought. Why would the boy think that he would kill the girl first, had that been his intent at all? No matter. He resumed his stride, stopping in front of the little cleric. Surprisingly, especially given that she seemed to share the belief that he was there to kill her, she begged not for her life, but for him to wait until she had completed her task. Though incorrect in her assumption, he could certainly respect the courage it took to make a request like that in the face of what appeared to be a powerful enemy intent on your demise. Thus Dhaos couldn’t blame her initial flinch when he raised his hand, though she relaxed minutely when he placed his hand over the one she had placed on Yggdrasil’s trunk. This “Mint” may not have been chosen for the task of healing the tree, but she had answered the call nonetheless. And for that… For that he was glad to assist her by providing the extra power needed to heal the tree.
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